Monday, September 29, 2008

The purose of the ONE PAGE LAWS Blog

Today I start an experiment. Those we elect are not superheros, they are not omnitient or omnipotent. They are simply people. Some seek for power or fame. Some seek to make the world a better place. They come from all walks of life - or so I suppose. Why then does every law they draft take on the look and feel of a phonebook meets a law journal meets a class-action ambulance chasing lawers worst nightmare encarnate?

Why can't laws be simple? Why can't they say what they mean and mean what they say?

It is my beleif that you and I - simple everyday people - can and could write more concise, more understandable laws. Hence the name "One Page Laws". Here is my intent: take a crack at writing any law (or in most cases "re-write" any law) in one page or less, the rest of us will vote for or against it or make "appropriate" suggestions to modify said law.

Who knows - maybe we fail, maybe we succeed, maybe we get a law passed! Let's put the "We the people" back into government. What say you?

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andrewgadget said...

Dan, I just read this post for the first time... I must have missed it when I visited the blog first. It would be awesome if we could simplify the laws! The thought occurred to me for the first time that the day more someday come when we, the people, will need to take back our country!