Thursday, October 2, 2008

When will "We the People" wake up?

I haven't even finished watching the VP Debates and I am already disheartened. Putting a No-Nonsense Governor in a debate with a multi-decade (Slick Wiley) Washington Insider has been difficult to watch. Of course Palin is nervous. Of course she is stumbling. Any one would look unpolished against someone who has made a career out of appearing polished.

My fear is this . . . . will the American people fall for it? Will they overlook the need to reign in the very Government that is getting too big to control? Will they hand the keys of the kingdom over to a man who wants to stagnate our economy and redistribute wealth? "Hey, he wants to give me universal health care." "Hey, he wants to tax the rich and give me some of their money." Where is the money going to come from? Taxing the rich? The rich is your boss. The rich runs the company you work for! If your boss can't make a profit will he keep the doors open? Will you have a job?

Will anyone open up a new business to replace your job? Or will they do what you do when faced with more taxes? Do you try to maximize your refund and/or lower your taxable income? Have you ever donated to a church to get a write off? Shifted your consumer debt to your mortgage so the interest is deductible? Why won't they do the same?

We can't afford anymore government handouts! Nothing is free. Not even when it comes from the government. Handouts comes at a cost - often a much higher cost than it should have or would have if you were given the opportunity to go get it on your own. Governments spend $100's on hammers while Home Depot sells them for $4.99.

Do you want the guys running the DMV to run your doctors office?

We can't afford any more government intervention. Lower taxes for business owners (and yes, many many of them are RICH) create jobs, increase tax revenue and speed the economy along.

The next time you support a tax increase on a group ask yourself this: How much do they pay already vs. how much do I pay? Do I know anyone in that group? My dad? My mom? Do I want to be a part of that group some day? Is $1200 in gov't handouts going to get me there or is a fast moving vibrant economy a better way?

I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE! SOCIALISM IS WRONG! Wiki it. Read up on it. It leads to a poorer everyone. It kills industry. It kills economy. Then it kills people because they have to revolt against it.

WAKE UP NOW . . . or else.

Tax them - they will run. Over tax them and they will fold.