Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Day Lesson

Well, I have learned one thing: In the rush to solve a problem, it is easy to loose site of the right path. I was so intent on righting the economy with a law that I followed in the footsteps of those in power. I overstepped the bounds of the Constitution and I built a bigger government. Two things I am vehemently opposed to. So the question becomes - "How do we right a wrong without doing more wrong?"

Before I write my next One_Page_Law, I am going to think it through. It is clear that the government needs to do something to stimulate confidence in the economy but what? Here are the questions I will contemplate (putting myself in the shoes of a congressman):

  1. What are the limits of my power as defined by the Constitution?
  2. How can I maximize my positive impact while minimizing the negative?
  3. How do I limit the involvement of the govt and maximize the involvement of the private sector to the fullest extent possible?

Wow, that is a lot to ponder.

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